Quantum Mechanics 2

Welcome to my Quantum Mechanics 2 course webpage!

Here you will find the weekly homework assignments, class notes, relevant links, and bibliography. I will be updating this page regularly, please keep checking!


Weekly notes and instructions

Week 1: Chapter 5

Week 2: Chapter 5

Week 3: Chapter 6

Week 4: Chapter 6

Week 5: Chapter 7

Week 6: Chapter 7

Week 7: Chapter 7, 8

Week 8: Chapter 8



Homework assignments will be posted weekly and are always due the “next week” at the beginning of class. I will try to post the weekly assignments by Wednesdays, however it is possible that more problems are added during the week (no later than Friday though): It is your responsibility to periodically check this space for the problems due every week.



Parcial 1: March 11, 10:00 am

Parcial 2: April 29, 10:00 am

Parcial 3: June 3, 10:00 am


I will follow closely the book by Griffiths and Schroeter “Introduction to Quantum Mechnics“, Third Edition, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 978-1-107-18963-8 Hardback.

Other useful references are:

Principles of Quantum Mechanics, R. Shankar; ISBN-13: 978-1461576754, Springer.

A Modern Approach to Quantum Mechanics; J. Townsend; ISBN-13: 978-1891389788, University Science Books.

Collected Papers on Wave Mechanics

Schrödinger’s original paper with solution to the Hydrogen atom (Annalen Phys. 384 361). You may also want to check this paper where a nice description of Scrödinger’s solution is presented.

I will add more references later on.