Física del Sabor en Colima

Física del Sabor en Colima

My main area of research is in the field of particle physics, which can be synthesized as the attempt to explain the universe in terms of its basic fundamental blocks and the interactions among them. A crucial part of the job consists precisely in identifying these blocks (in fact, one first needs to figure out if indeed there are such things!) and to explore the different ways they interact with each other. As of today we have been able to identify several fundamental particles some of which form matter, some of which carry the interactions. Right now we are aware of four different interactions: Electromagnetic, strong, weak and gravitational. Of these four we have been able to fish out the first three with a single fishing net, i.e. a consistent theoretical framework. The fabric of our fishing net is Quantum Field Theory (QFT), and our net receives the name: Standard Model of Particle Physics (SM). Gravity is still at a loose!

In the last couple of decades there has been an incredible amount of experimental verification of the SM. It has surpassed every single test with amazing precision. It is indeed a very robust beast. Nevertheless, we know there are very many aspects of nature that remain either unexplained by the SM or completely out of its limits. We like to call (due to our immense lyrical ability) all the attempts and speculations made to explore those issues Physics Beyond the Standard Model. Most of my work has been related to such issues.

The main topics that I have been studying for the past few years include neutrino physics, flavor physics, Supersymmetry, Grand Unified Theories and Physics of Extra Dimensions. Perhaps a bit outside of particle physics, I have also been involved in some very interesting research in mathematical physics, specifically in the development of several non-perturbative techniques for the solution of certain classes on nonlinear problems. Here you can access my publications.

Here is a list of topics that I am interested in pursuing at this moment:

  • Model building for extended electroweak theories that incorporate/explain: dark matter, fermion masses and mixings, scale hierarchies, extendend scalar sectors, etc.
  • Phenomenological studies associated with BSM.
  • Neutrino physics (origin ot their masses, fermion nature, mixing and CP violating properties, relation to darl matter, etc.).
  • Physics of extra dimensions and Grand Unification.

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